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Palestinian Classic Kufiya

$ 48.34
This classic Kufiya or Keffiyeh is proudly made in Nablus, Palestine by Al Nabulsi Textile Factory since 1950. Imported directly by Palestine.me to ensure authenticity and directly support Palestinian workers and their families. Using only Premium Quality Embroidered Fabric, this Kufiya is the exact style, size & feel of the traditional Palestinian Kufiya that is now adopted as a symbol of Palestinian Nationalism.
  • Authentic Embroidered Fabric
  • Soft premium-quality feel
  • 70% Cotton 30% Polyester

Care Guide:

  • Hand wash
  • Cold wash
  • Air Dry
Beware of fake and Counterfeit Kufiyas circulating the market. Our Kufiyas are made only using Premium Organic Cotton with meticulous craftsmanship. Check the label for more details.


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