Olive Wood Prayer Beads

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Hand-made from the finest Jerusalem – Bethlehem Olive Wood by skilled Palestinian artisans, these Misbaha Prayer Beads (known as “Misbaha” or “Masbaha”, مِسْبَحَة) embody timeless beauty and profound significance. Consisting of 33 rounded olive wood spheres, they symbolize both the age of Jesus Christ, who lived 33 years, and hold special importance for Muslims, who go through them three times, representing the 99 names of God (اللّٰه‎). Beyond their spiritual value, Palestinians use these prayer beads daily for meditation, stress release, and in the lively Dabke (Dabka) dance during joyous weddings and festive occasions. Discover the sacred traditions and artistry of Palestine with Olive Wood prayer beads, a genuine piece of Palestine that unites the religious practices of Christians and Muslims.

Handmade in Palestine

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