Saboona Soap Box

$ 46.73

Three Best Seller Natural Soap Bars in a Box!

What you are getting here is simple & pure. Handcrafted from organic ingredients derived from nature to nourish your body & soul.
These cold-processed soaps are made by Palestinian Dubai based Artisan Soap Maker Rouba Shaath. Using only plant essential oils and elements, free of any artificial colorants or foaming agents they cleanse and nourish your skin simultaneously.

Watermelon: Palestinian Olive Oil, Citrus & Spearmint oil.

Sage & Rosemary: Sage & Rosemary essential oils, Orange Blossom.

Honey & Oat: Local Honey, Filtered Beeswax, Ylang Ylang, Cinnamon & Exfoliating Oats.

Made in small batches
Soap bar weight: 125g

NOTE: Color may vary due to product’s nature & curing.

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