Tatreez Tote Bag

$ 154.68

Artistically designed to exhibit the beauty and grace of traditional Palestinian embroidery, each bag in our collection is handcrafted using authentic textiles from a vintage Palestinian thobe.

Every bag in its intricate vibrant embroidery design reflects culture, heritage and connection to roots. It is rare, unique and singular in production.

Enrich your soul, elevate your style and make a statement of solidarity and resiliency with a timeless piece of Palestinian art.

Outside- Canvas
Inside- Soft Linen

Height- 27cm | Length- 34cm
Base Width | 14cm
Handle Height | 20cm

Care Guide:

  • Store in a cloth bag preferably, in a well vented environment.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Use a dry soft brush or cloth to clean if necessary.
  • Avoid water and chemical solutions.
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